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The real size and weight of a flyaway VSAT system

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Occasionally we receive questions about the various subsystems involved with a flyaway VSAT system.  Although the antennas themselves are relatively small, the total package to link a remote location to the Internet requires several transit cases of equipment.  Depending on the number of users and scale of the LAN at the remote site, this can grow to quite a large collection of equipment. In this post we will detail what a default configuration looks like in terms of overall weight and volume.

The goal of any flyaway system is a high degree of portability, which unfortunately is frequently compromised in Afghanistan by the necessity for a high degree of electrical system protection from "dirty" power. The necessity to provide your own electricity by generator, solar or wind can also complicate logistics.  



125.00 kg TracStar 1200 P4K 1.2 meter 4-section Ku/Ka-band motorized VSAT antenna
42.92 kg Satellite modem, router, tracking controller in transit rack.
92.73 kg 2500 kVA voltage regulator + UPS in transit rack.
22.87 kg Rx, Tx and antenna control cables, AC electrical cables, etc.

283.52 kg, or 624.88 pounds

The volume occupied is 1.29 cubic meters, or 45.86 cubic feet.

You can download a generic weight and volume calculation from our website to see examples of a baseline configuration and a heavier, slightly more capable configuration.  Both of these are based on the same 1.2 meter fully motorized Ku-band antenna.

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